Sapelem Manipulator

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MIBA is Italian partner and distributor of Sapelem lifting.

For hal century, Sapelem handling and process has been designed, managing and installing material-handling systems that are the heart of companies’ processes.

The latest invention, SAPELEM ZE’ SOLUTION TM is at the top of world wive high technology.

It is the best system to match the repository OHSAS 18001.

Briefly features of ZE’:

  • Intuitive: quick in accompanying the movements of the operator
  • Programmable: equipped with a standard automation with 5 connectors and 1 CAN BUS to pilot controls or receive information from the gripper
  • Integration: can be easily integrated to any kind of gripper, available range in 5 lenghts
  • Safety: the activation of the system is conditioned by a detector of presence
  • Comunicating: via Bluetooth, exchange of information with enviroment
  • Accurate: control of position with absolute precision
  • Powerful: from 0 to 300kg
  • Safety: holding in position in case of power cutoof
  • Supply: 230Vac, 400Vac, 24Vdc

SAPELEM Manipulator

With its range of intuitive manipulators, Sapelem proposes a real interaction betweenthe tool and the operator. A person helped by the machine can naturally lift heavy loads effotlessy, removing Repetitive Strain Injuries as weel as increasing productivity. Sapelem with Miba can offer a range of standard manipulators answering the most common applications.

MIBA design and produce automation systems and special pneumatic tools for industry market.