Eepos aluminium crane systems

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MIBA is the Italian distributor of Eepos high sliding aluminium runways.

The Eepos, undisputed leader in “light and smooth” movement with modular solutions, ergonomic and high technology, is a young and dynamic German company.

Asserted in the early 2000s, it is growing steadily and has a network of technical and commercial support in the major industrialized areas of the world like China, Brazil and particularly so widespread in Europe.

Thanks to a complete stock of profiles, MIBA guarantees fast delivery times throughout the Italian territory.

  • Unparalleled smoothness
  • eepos ONE sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL up to 2,000 kg loads
  • eepos NANO sizes: 40-60-80 from 15 to 75 kg loads
  • Standard components / competitive prices
  • In Turin stock / short delivery times
  • Customers consolidated Italian: Fiat / Iveco / Maserati / Ferrari / Ducati and many others.


The modular aluminium crane system for maximum flexibility. Ergonomics and smooth running to a new standard.


The eepos nano modular kit made in aluminium is the perfect rail systemfor load or tool transport up to 75kg. The special design of the eepos profiles in combination with the eepos trolley, results in unbeatable smooth running.


The innovative ultra-light profile for up to 100kg. Ergonomics in a new dimension.


The modular system for lifting axis eepos move is designed for handling equipment and devices in the load range up to 500kg and a torque up to 2,500Nm which occurs by of-center loads. Dimension and stroke of the lifting axes move L and move S can be determined by the customer. Using the eepos move lifting axis workplaces for assembling, screwing or moving loads become more efficient, flexible and ergonomically.


The eepos media columns bring energy, data,compressed air, electricity, etc. to each workstation.They are easily conigurable. Item compatible grooves inside and outside of the column allow for own attachments. Spacious interior design for easy laying of cables and hoses.


Using the eepos tronic with the eepos move lifting axis, you are able to move centered loads up to 500kg and loads of 250kg with a center distance of 1 meter. The worker is executing the movement directly with the load. He only needs little power to accelerate, move and brake the load. The reason is that the sensor unit calculates the path differences and the eepos tronic system converts it into crane movements. With eepos tronic, the load feels light like a feather.

MIBA design and produce automation systems and special pneumatic tools for industry market.